Automation, Control Systems, and Networking - JRK Labs

Automation, Control Systems, and Networking

JRK Labs can help to make your home or business more comfortable, adaptive, and secure.

Internet that just works.

Distributed audio for generating the desired atmosphere.

Lighting that's easy to use and helps to set the right mood.

Security systems for peace of mind.

Intelligent HVAC controls for comfort and efficiency without effort.

Motorized window shades providing beautiful aesthetics and privacy.

JRK Labs LLC is proud to be a Loxone Silver Partner.

  • Security Systems with or without central monitoring services
  • Lighting control
  • Advanced HVAC Integrations
  • Computer Networking
  • Internet Service selection
  • WiFi and wired Ethernet network design and installation
  • Integrated music systems
  • Custom home theater
  • Landscape audio
  • Motorized window shades

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